Friday, October 23, 2009

David Bowie the myth, in lego bricks. hmm

Bowie performing his 1983 single 'Lets Dance' is "immortalized" by Lego... (the only resemblance apparently being his eye coloring), according to New York Entertainment , this is news, in my opinion... not.

Call me romantic, but David Bowie for me is one of the few uber-hero icons that in my eyes have not been over-shadowed by todays opportunist spamming swindlers, he is a persona that has experimented in every possible way artistically without being concerned about maintaining any properisms or risking his career and has survived the test of time.
Well, the name alone -David Bowie - does make me tingle, because I was born in the late 70's and just having lived long enough to have a clear picture of the man with the voice of adolescence and maturity together, the charm, the bizarre, unique 'gentlemanhood' of David Bowie. Back when singers were idolized and it took just a bit more than today to differentiate the artists from the wannabes, the creators from the vitrines.
If I have at least these memories, and was born in 1978 I feel privileged to have at least experienced in the mid 90's some Malibu with coke along with imagery of David Bowie with Tina Turner imposed on a slide-show wall in a discoteque on an island in Greece. (And yes, it was quite normal to be served a drink at the age of 16-17 back then in Greece!)
These memories are genuine, and as bright as e as a glittering disco-ball can be.
For me his is far more than lego bricks, David Bowie is the man that has never aged and the gentleman who had the guts and balls to be himself (and the charm to pull it off!!)

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