Monday, December 10, 2007

Freakiest Merman ever!

This has to be the freakiest and scariest interpretation of a merman ever. I found it on artistic thoughts blog and though it was so horrifying that I had to share! Doesn't it bring to mind the character "Mini-Me" in Austin Powers, or is it just me??

Talented guy!

I found this digital illustration when browsing through a site of an artist I discovered called Roberto Campus. Very talented guy! Apparently this was designed to be used as a cover of a book. Nice work Roberto! Visit Roberto's site!

Great Sculpture on beach in Mexico

This boy on the sea-horse is one of many stunning statues found on the sea-front in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Nice! Photo's coutesy of

Merman flirting

This interesting Bronze is called "Courting mermaid and Merman" Photos courtesy of Accentfurniture where it is also available to buy. Nice and heavy statue, ideal for the garden.. I wonder if bronze sculptures gather patina in the rain? Does anyone know?

The wing of Hermes

Lovely work! A new piece of jewellery created in limited quantities by hand. Hermes was the messenger of the gods of Olympus. The designer of this beautiful piece is Nikias and it is available online from