Friday, September 4, 2009

"Le Cock Ring III" : when luxury meets body jewelry!..

Esculpta proudly presents a brand new, stylish, body jewelry: "Le Cock Ring III" , inspired from the ancient Roman empire in true Byzantine rhythm, now available in two luxurious types:
  • Imperator (meaning Emperor in Latin) is made of Solid 18K yellow gold and Sterling silver with real precious stones (sapphires and rubies)
  • Senator is hand-made from Sterling silver and rubber with real precious stones (a choice between sapphires and rubies)

A fine piece of jewelry re-inventing the meaning of luxury from the waist and below!


Le 'Cock Ring III ' (Imperator /Senator) is a cool innovation from the classic cockring
Every person has a slightly different anatomy, and we consider comfort very important. The advantage of this design is that it is smartly designed to be adjustable to a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring up or even knowing your size. This also gives the liberty of knowing that it will definitely fit your boyfriend ,making it the perfect gift for him!

Luxury & comfort at your services!!

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