Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hot male jewelry and underwear collaboration

Left: Esculpta's male classic Lion torc bracelet
Below: Male Underwear in Vizeau's Nu-riders collection

Above. Nu-riders bathing suit also featuring Le cock ring I

Male Fashion is evolving! This fresh creative collaboration of underwear/swimwear label Vizeau and jewelry label esculpta simply makes you want to "un-dress to impress". The exciting Nu-Riders range by Vizeau takes fashionable eroticism to a new level. Fine sleek lines reveal a romanticism and air of body-sculpture rather than the sterotype lines we've been used to seeing. A similar approach to male jewelry adopted by esculpta with their mens jewelry range called "Manjoolz", giving the two labels alot in common in terms of sensual design and makes this collaboration seem quite promissing indeed!

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